Blackbird Artwork

My former colleague and friend from AOL, Dossy Shiobara has crafted a Blackberry client for Twitter. I've had the opportunity to play a bit more with my Wacom tablet trying to design an sufficiently "fun" icon for it. What you see at the left is my current offfering. When you roll over it, it moves, too :).

To the right are various images that marked the steps along the way to the roll-over icon. The first is my freely-pirated image of a blackbird, whose beautiful eye and beak provided the original inspiration for the design. My drawing (traced from the picture) was arguably too pretty when Dossy told me he was looking for something fun that included the Twitter "t", so I reworked the idea to have a slightly enigmatic bird who goes a little mad when you roll over him.

Anyway, here is some artwork for y'all to enjoy. And maybe you'll see it on a Blackberry near you.

2008-06-20T06:02:37 D'oh! Dossy pointed out that I mis-sized the icon. Well I wanted to tweak the little birdie's eye anyway, so perhaps it's just as well. The real question is whether to leave the vertically-oriented design, or shift to a landscape style. You can tweet me, @kumoyuki, with your opinions on the topic. I might even listen :)

2008-07-04T11:17:37 So Dossy asked for a minor change to the icon set, and between mis-understanding his request, and personal chaos it has taken me forever to get around to putting in his changes. Well, here they are. You can also get the original set if you can think of a use for them. The internet never throws anything away...